Notes about things regarding scuba diving that I have come to know.

Pete's Southern Maine Regional Dive Site Guide
Casino Square, Wells
Wells Beach at the foot of Mile Road, Wells

Parking here is a paved free municipal space overlooking the beach. 2 stairways lead down to the sand. This lot can be busy so get there early in prime time or just avoid it on peak beach days. Restrooms are on site. Forbes restaurant is also there and the scrambled hamburgers which are served in a hot-dog bun are a personal favorite. They have a take-out window and dining room.

Here we gear up completely at the van and then head for the beach. The Wells Beach scuba rules should also be applicable here so keep that in mind. (see the prior site) Police officers are generally patrolling this lot and nobody ever asked about a flag, go figure. The walk to the water deep enough for fins will vary with the tide. This site features an offshore ledge and a nice dive can be made at any tide. The entry point will have you just about that the north end of the ledge.

On a high tide you can get in and snorkel-out a little ways. When you have had enough of that drop down and swim out to the near side of the ledge. Expect to see the sand end in about 5 minutes. We had a real nice dive just exploring these relatively flat ledges for a whole dive at high tide. Sheltered by the major portion of this ledge the water was calm and in 12-18 feet of water the light was bright. Extend your stay since it won't take a lot of air to get back.

The other major dive is to get to the backside of the ledge. We have done this a number of times including as night dives. The lit parking lot is a nice place to work from. We have gone around the left (north) end of the ledge and once on the ocean side head south and outward into some great boulder ledges with plenty to find. If you are an ambitious swimmer there is a cut in the ledge that you can get to and make the dive a loop.

As much as anyplace and more than most you can expect to be an attraction as you exit the water. From start to finish you can expect to be an ambassador of Maine and the sport as you are asked if that suit keeps you warm or what did you see? Enjoy the limelight.

This Dive Site at a Glance:

  • SCUBA: Yes
  • SKIN-DIVE: Yes
  • PARKING: Free
  • TOILETS: In season
  • TIDE: Variable
  • SEASONS: All
  • ENTRY/EXIT: Easy
  • FOOD: None
  • GPS: 43.301801,-70.566283
  • Google Maps accepts GPS points.

These are the 2 common dives on the near and far sides of the ledges.

This page created January 2008