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Pete's Southern Maine Regional Dive Site Guide
The Wreck of the Wandby, Kennebunkport

Drive past St. Ann's and then Walker's Point, the summer home of President George H. Bush (41). Shortly thereafter you will come to a seaside turn-out where about a dozen vehicles can park at a right angle to the road and sea-wall. Try to get towards the left as this is the entry point to the beach. Winter storms caused the seawall to be fortified but most have been able to traverse it in full gear. If you decide to set-up or drop gear on the beach watch out for the waves. At high tide no place on the beach is away from the reach of the surf. This site for all practical purposes is a single high tide dive.

At this site you can enjoy some very nice underwater ledges loaded with plant and critter life. In general the ledges run parallel to shore. Off shore within easy shore dive range is the boiler and other wreckage from the tramp steamer the Wandby. Finding the wreck is the focal point of most dives and even if you do not find it you should have a fine dive.

To find the boiler I navigate for a course straight out along the left-hand side of the cove. There are many ledges blocking this part so it will be a roundabout route. If you have the chance to see the site at low tide and make a mental map it helps. Once clear of the cove head straight out. And you will eventually encounter a drop-off that takes you to a sandy bottom around 25-30 feet. At this point you have passed it. Head back up the slope tacking to the right side of the cove (your left) as viewed from the entry. Estimate the diagonal angle based on the visibility to not miss anything. When you reach a general depth of 15 feet you have passed it. Head back down the slope on the diagonal. During the next pass or 2 you are apt to find the boiler. You are looking for an upright cylinder perhaps 15 feet around and 10-12 feet tall, it is encrusted in brown rust. To the ocean side is a another large cylinder laying down that is 3-4 feet in diameter. Lobster and fish are often hiding here. When you find it enjoy the major items and canvas the area for small pieces of wreckage. There is another significant section of double walled hull located nearby as well as more I'm sure.

The swim back can arc towards Walker's point as you navigate around more ledges that run parallel to the shore. Keep a safe distance from the Bush property. The return will give way to a lot of colorful stone & algae on the bottom with plenty of small life.

There are no toilet facilities at this site. I have enjoyed a few skin-dives here. The site is exposed so you need to catch it at the right time. Diving may be prohibited at this site if there is a presidential visit at the Bush compound on Walkers point.

This Dive Site at a Glance:

  • SCUBA: Yes
  • SKIN-DIVE: Yes
  • PARKING: Free
  • TOILETS: None
  • TIDE: High Tide, 1 dive
  • SEASONS: Any
  • ENTRY/EXIT: Easy/Moderate
  • FOOD: None
  • GPS: 43.346150, -70.458667
  • Google Maps accepts GPS points.

Park at the north end of the lot and enter from that corner. Be prepared to zig-zag your way out through the ledges that run parrallel to shore. Don't let your self get up too shallow or a wave may take you onto a ledge.

This page created January 2008