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Pete's Southern Maine Regional Dive Site Guide
Fort Foster - SCUBA Beach, Kittery

Located in this town owned park off Pocahontas Road is a somewhat secluded section of the park that is frequented by divers. Upon passing the gate ($10. per vehicle) you will see a sign post including an arrow to SCUBA BEACH to the left. Following this road will bring you to a modest dirt parking lot. The entry point is right in front of the lot, an easy walk from your vehicle. There are no sanitary facilities at this beach but there is a 2 walled shelter to make changing easier. There are restrooms on the hill as you enter the park but they are away from the dive location. I think there is a second set near the picnic pavilion that you will pass on the way to scuba beach. Diving is prohibited at the main beach on the river where the pier is located.

Like all ocean sites the best diving is at high tide. 2 very different dives can be made if you center your diving on high tide and limit your surface interval to not much more than an hour.

The way that time slips you probably want to make your first dive over to the left. Here there are plenty of ledges and you have good bottom cover nearly all of the time. Odds are you won't get deeper than 30 feet based on our dives there but it can be a nice bright dive with plenty to look at.

For a second dive set a heading for the exposed ledge you see slightly to the right. As you follow the sandy bottom out you are likely to run into some critters and scattered plants worth checking out. After reaching the rise to the ledge bring the dive around counter clockwise, This will bring you into another field of ledges with lots of nooks and crannies. When the time comes you can make a beeline for the exit point. There can be a slight current coming through there so a good heading and bearings check on approach can save you from a hike in gear up the beach.

Our experience has been that this site is not especially vulnerable to high seas or poor visibility though it has a broad exposure.

The park will be open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM seven days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It may be open on shoulder season weekends at the discretion of the attendant from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or sunset, whichever is earlier. During the off season the gate remains locked with walk-in access allowed, this is prohibitive for diving. Local Ordinance

This Dive Site at a Glance:

  • SCUBA: Yes
  • SKIN-DIVE: Yes
  • PARKING: Fee
  • TOILETS: None at dive area
  • TIDE: Near high tide
  • SEASONS: During park operation
  • ENTRY/EXIT: Easy
  • FOOD: None
  • GPS: 43.067696,-70.683997
  • Google Maps accepts GPS points.

The yellow dive is the more interesting rocky dive that you will want to do on your highest tide. The magenta dive out towards the ledge is pleasant and can be interesting if you loop it out to the east in the rocks on the return.

This page created January 2008