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Pete's Southern Maine Regional Dive Site Guide
Fletchers Neck, Biddeford

2018 Update: At this time all neighborhood streets have been posted and no public parking exists. Consider going back to the East Point site.

This is the site of a former Coast Guard station and as such you may find some old cables and significant moorings underwater. It's not an especially great scuba site but it offers a lot of great skin-diving opportunities. For a scuba dive I would hold out for high tide. The site is fairly sheltered due to an offshore ledge that is often found to be piled high with lobster gear. The bottom is mostly covered in small stone/algae and such and can be nice, there just isn't much for depth or big structure. It's actually a great place for new divers to burn a few cylinders. This is where my wife and I made our first ocean dive after being certified.

To get to this site follow the directions to East Point and at the end of immediately in front of Lester Orcutt Boulevard turn right and follow the seaside. After passing 4th street watch for the former Coast Guard station with the mock ramp where the boats used to exit as shown in the picture. The Boathouse back on the right side lawn is a neat old structure. This is now a private property so don't take any liberties. Once you have found the spot drive past it and circle back to park along the sea roses while facing the customary way to avoid a traffic ticket.

If you look at the former station building you will see that the former boat storage bay in the main building now has a mock ramp. If you follow across the street a path between the bushed takes you down the old ramp, which has been boarded up. It's still a good spot from which to survey the site.

Now to find the entry head back up the street towards the left side of this beach and look for the path at the telephone pole. There is one step there that can be a doozy but sometimes there is a well placed rock there. Be prepared to lend your buddy a hand here. Once you are out of the bushes the entry is down to the right in the middle of the stone beach.

Other than that just head out and explore. Be aware that as you get out near the ledge you may encounter some currents as water enters and exits this somewhat contained space.

The historic boat house set back on the property.

This Dive Site at a Glance:

  • SCUBA: Yes
  • SKIN-DIVE: Yes
  • PARKING: None as of 2018
  • TIDE: Best mid tide & higher
  • SEASONS: Any
  • ENTRY/EXIT: Easy
  • FOOD: None
  • GPS: 43.442559, -70.341400
  • Google Maps accepts GPS points.

This is the former Coast Guard station that you will park across the street from. Remember that it is now a private residence.

Walk up to the telephone pole (see the shadow) and it's one good step over the wall. A buddy can help.

This is the site. Depending on the height of tide and wave action you may have a nice exploration more to the north than shown here. The area is largely sheltered by the offshore ledge and will develop a current.

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