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Pete's Southern Maine Regional Dive Site Guide
East Point, Biddeford

This is a nice site that takes just a little work. The dive features some major ledges that run out away from shore. Once you get on a ledge you can follow it out along the bottom or anywhere along the surface. The plant life on the broad ledges tends to be of short varieties and reminds me of a grassy hillside meadow. This site is best mid tide and higher.

To get to this site you need to get out on route 208 in Biddeford. Once you are out past the University of New England 208 will turn off to the left just before the water tower. Stay on 208 and cross a bridge as the marsh appears on both sides. This will bring you to a stop sign where you will make a left hand turn, remaining on route 208. Following 208 you will crest a hill and bear right onto Lester Orcutt Boulevard which you will take to the end where you are facing the ocean and the site. Ocean Avenue runs along the shore. Actually you will want to snag a parking spot before you reach the seawall so get what you can after you pass 8th Street. Be sure to park on your side of the street. The Biddeford police have been known to ticket for parking in the wrong direction.

You will find that on the left there is a path to a nature walk and you will compete with this crowd for parking. It's a nice walk after the dive or if you're just checking the place out.

Once you are parked go scout the entry. Walk around the corner to the right and watch for a break in the bushes at a signpost that leads to a short cobblestone path. Historically this has been a steep path. As of summer 2013 it's a nearly flat walk over stones to the cobblestone beach. Should if become washed out in the future you may prefer to stage heavy gear on the beach to don there.

From this spot you have ledges running out from each side of the beach. A common dive is to enter the water and locate a break in the ledge on the left had side. There is a channel you can swim through here. Once on the far side head out along the ledge and you can make your dive in a clockwise pattern. You can also head out to one of the other ledges. The big cove immediately in front of Lester Orcutt Boulevard tends to be a barren sandy spot. If you are diving near the ledges that are accessible from shore be wary of fishermen casting into the water. I have encountered lost mono-filament line at this site. Be sure to have several cutting tools in case of entanglement. The beach has many small sections and little coves, many of which have poor, access back to the street. Pay attention to where you got in. The distinctive houses are good landmarks.

As a skin-dive the previously mentioned cove immediately in front of Lester Orcutt Boulevard is pretty good. Get in anywhere and follow the shore working your way towards the left where you will find little tidal nooks, some walls and other neat stuff. Actually if the seas are nice then you can head to the right and go forever meandering in and out of little coves and pebble beaches. In the summertime this can be very peaceful and warm if you catch it on a sunny day when the tide has risen on sun warmed ledges. It is even possible to exit at one of the little beaches and return via the nature trail.

This Dive Site at a Glance:

  • SCUBA: Yes
  • SKIN-DIVE: Yes
  • PARKING: Limited, Free, Roadside
  • TIDE: Best mid tide & higher
  • SEASONS: Any
  • ENTRY/EXIT: Moderate hike and climb down to beach
  • FOOD: None
  • GPS: 43.445701, -70.339898
  • Google Maps accepts GPS points.

You can see where the crossover is as we head north between the rocks. The ledges to the south are extensive and offer lots of opportunity. The area toward the center of this picture tends to be plain and sandy.

This page created January 2008